2013 Report – This year has been busy for me as I continue to invest more time into ministry. However my online income has stayed relatively steady. My attempt at generating other streams of income has not been as fruitful as expected. I continue to hope that things will pick up as I complete one year of this 24 month project.

I have not written any reports because, I felt that the time that it takes to write the reports could be better invested into working on building the income rather than reporting on what is not working. I have spent some time working on Squidoo and all I can report is $0.30 income up till date. There has been many changes on Squidoo and a few of my rather thin (less than 400 words) lenses have been locked. I am not really worried because the texts are original. I would simply work on adding a few text modules and hopefully they will get republished.

No More Excuses – Although I ventured into writing on Squidoo, I must mention that I have not put in up to 2hrs daily as planned. I hope to return to this schedule from today and I hope to have something to report soon.

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Income Report Dec 2012

by Ade on January 30, 2013

Income ReportHere is the progress report on my 24 month exploration of Passive income. You can learn about the ups and the downs and I hope you will be encouraged to continue working on your personal projects. One thing I am happy about is that I made this a 24 month project. It is so easy to get distracted when trying to make money online and if you have the impression that it will come easy, you may give up before you start making any reasonable progress.

Earlier this month I discovered another online income success called Claire – A dentist turned online Entrepreneur and her  December Income Report was very encouraging. You can read more about her progress at http://skefflingsmakemoneyonline.com/.

Well a lot has happened since my report in November. The Income from my info sites continued to go down but from what I can see in January, its coming back but not yet to where it was in September and October. As usual, I continue to spend about 1-2 hours daily on this project. There is so much to learn about online business that one can spend 3hrs daily and not even do a thing. My advice to anyone trying to make money online is this – Just Start Somewhere and learn as you go. One can easily get overwhelmed and give up even before starting.

Here is the breakdown of my income for December 2012

  • All previous websites (Google AdSense) – $486.78 (-$226.86)
  • Sales of Ebooks connected to previous niche – $0.00
  • L Niche Website (Google AdSense) -$71.43  (+$21.08)
  • EPI (This Site)   – $0
  • Love and Relationship -$0
  • African Reflection -$0
  • Infobarell -$0

Total Income for November – $558.21 (difference from October  -$297.54)

My online income has been going down since October but the income in December is the lowest so far. I was hoping that it would not go so low. However like I said in my Nov income report, it should start going back up from this month (and I can confirm that this is the case). So If I am to calculate a daily Income for December it would average to $18. This is quite far from my target of $100/day. The good news is that I still have about 17 months left to get to that goal.


Here is the breakdown of my income for 2012

  • All previous websites (Google AdSense) – $7,273.27
  • Sales of Ebooks connected to previous niche – $103.89
  • L Niche Website (Google AdSense) -$165.88
  • EPI (This Site)   – $0
  • Love and Relationship -$0
  • African Reflection -$0
  • Infobarell -$1.89

Total Income for 2012 – $7,546.82 ($20.62/day)

I am grateful to God for life and for joy. It was fun starting this blog. I know a few people who have been inspired to start their own blogs. I have learned a lot of things that make it possible to reach more people using online tools.

What are my plans for 2013?

  • Well I think it is quite obvious that posting on this blog more than once a month is quite difficult so I plan to continue writing my monthly reports and one other blog post. So a bi-weekly posting schedule.
  • Continue to tie up all the loose ends on my information blog and on my L-Niche website since they are related and I can leverage on the previous sites. (Target income – $40/day)
  • I hope to build my Infobarell articles to 12 (so one article per month) (Target income – $10/day)
  • I would like to put some articles on Squidoo (say another 12) (Target income – $10/day)
  • Sales of ebook – Find ways to get more traffic to this site – ($5/day)
  • Affiliate Sites – I have a few ideas but I am yet to think through them ( $35/day)
  • Total Target Income – ($100/day)

Tips for Beginners

  • Start Now, keep working as hard as you can and learn as much as you can
  • Once you have learned a few things, you can spend some money to speed things up
  • Listen to Pat Flyn’s podcast and others that he recommends
  • Keep working hard.

I look forward to giving a better report for January and getting closer to my target by Dec 2013. Thanks for taking the time to read. Please leave your comments, they are helpful.

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