Income Reports

Well if you read through my posts, you will notice that I did not post anything on this blog in the past 4 years!! Wow, four years in a very long time online. I never completed my challenge but I am able to announce to you that it is not an easy feat to make […]


Income Report Dec 2012

by Ade on January 30, 2013

Here is the progress report on my 24 month exploration of Passive income. You can learn about the ups and the downs and I hope you will be encouraged to continue working on your personal projects. One thing I am happy about is that I made this a 24 month project. It is so easy […]

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Income Report November 2012

by Ade on December 11, 2012

Yes its that time of the month when I declare the results of my exploration of online passive income. It’s always important to state that the reason why I do these reports is not to brag – I don’t have anything to brag about anyway when we compare my reports with blogging gurus like Pat […]

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One of the things I do on this blog is to disclose my monthly online income and share the things I learnt and my activities  for the month. October was a bit slower than September with regards to income and I did not do a lot of work. Passive Income is not FREE Income!– If […]

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Over the past couple of months, I have been sharing only a portion of my online passive income, however I have decided to disclose every single dollar I make online so that you my readers will have a more realistic picture of what I am doing and how I am being motivated. My previous intention […]

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Success Report – July 2012

by Ade on August 2, 2012

It gives me great pleasure to present a report of my 24-month exploration of passive income. This is the second income report since I began this project on June 19th 2012. This month has been a busy month because I was involved with a 10 days conference at our church in Montreal (I live in […]

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Okay after 14 days of exploring passive income, I can say i have made a lot progress in knowledge about making money online,  but not yet a lot of progress in developing a new stream of passive income or even increasing the flow of my income from my previous afropages website. Here is the summary […]

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