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by Ade on November 6, 2012

Getting readers to subscribe to your blog can be a big challenge. Since I started blogging about my exploration of Passive income online, I have had only 2 subscribers to my blog. Why is this? I have a few ideas about what could be causing this low subscription rate. Here are my thoughts.

1) My opt-in form is just in one little corner of my blog. As you read this you may not even know where it is on this page. It’s on the top left hand corner of the page.

2) There is no incentive to get my readers to subscribe. No offer of a useful ebook that I have written. I am currently working on something but at this rate I do not know how long it will take me to finish the ebook.

3) Very Low Traffic – I have not had a regular publishing schedule and as a result very few people ever read my blog. If  I have less than 30 new people reading my blog every month I cannot really expect more subscribers.

What am I doing to change the statistic?

1) I have decided to add my opt-in form to the bottom of all my posts. To make this easy, I purchased an opt-in skin for $47. It really makes things easy and I am glad I got it. Unfortunately I am yet to get a new subscriber but I am hopeful that this will change as my posts become more regular and I have more traffic. If you want to try out the opt-in skin you can do so with My affiliate link (I get paid if you use this like. I will appreciate it very much). Optinskin is a plugin that you can activate on your WordPress blog and it connects with any email marketing software that you may be using already. I am using optinskin with icontact. If you are new to email marketing please read my blog on email marketing.

2) I have decided to give a weekly report every Monday on how things have been with this Passive Income project. With a regular blogging schedule readers tend to take one more seriously and visit more often.

Weekly Report

Adesobanjo.org – I hope to post once a week. I spent some time making it easier to read and I also added a post to my autoresponder for those subscribed to my newsletter. This is where I enjoy most of the benefits of my exploration. I am amazed at how more effective I have been in using the internet to reach others. I hope to have more subscribers on this blog too. I plan on adding the optinskin plugin to this site too.

Adeandolu.com – No work done

Other Information Sites – No new articles

Mini-Report- I am still working on a new min-report – I thought it would be an ebook but I have decided to make it a simple mini-report. Nevertheless I must say that I did not do much work here this past week. I hope to finish my mini-report this week.

Keep working hard on your projects. Until next week….


Kathleen November 16, 2012 at 8:43 am

Wonderful declaration, tnx Ade.

Now i got Optinskin, but I can’t find the pretty design with the red circle, that you show in as picture in your article and under all your posts .

Could you tell me, where I can get this.

Ade November 16, 2012 at 2:06 pm

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for your comment. The skin you talk about is the Alfon’s skin. You can find it by scrolling through the list of skins available or try checking the “manage skins” tab.

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