How to stay motivated about your passive income goal

by Ade on August 14, 2012

How to stay motivatedIt’s been quite difficult getting back to posting on this blog since I began writing my ebook at the beginning of this month. I have continued to spend at least an hour daily on my passive income project and sometimes I have spent over an hour. How do I stay motivated?

Comments from my readers – Although there are little or no actual comments on my blog, there are a few people that have actually told me or emailed me to tell me that they have read all my posts and others have mentioned how it had inspired them to revive their blogs or their other passions. This is my number one motivator. I must confess however that this alone sometimes is not enough especially when you have to write for over one hour and you are wondering how many people are reading your “blurb”. I choose to keep going because it really means a lot to me to inspire others to success.

Increase in Knowledge/Skills – Even if no one tells you that they have been inspired by your blog, you will surely learn a lot as soon as you start blogging about any particular topic. Since I began to blog about making a living online I have discovered a good number of people like Pat Flynn and John Chow who make over $40,000 every month online via various passive and semi passive income streams. I have also noticed that the more you blog, the better your writing skills. Many of the things that I have learnt during this project, I am also able to use in my daily life. I love to grow so I am constantly motivated to read a new blog, listen to another video, subscribe to yet another newsletter and as such, I keep the flame for my project burning. I have also been learning more about the internet, search engines and much more.

Some Traffic – Although I only have one person subscribed to my mailing list right now (I read today that Pat Flynn just crossed the 50K mark), believe it or not I do not want to disappoint that one person, so I continue to read, learn and I force my self to blog. Not that I hate blogging, but I really prefer reading other people’s blogs and watching videos about how others have done what I am hoping to do. So I literally have to command myself to stop reading and write a few things about what I am learning before I forget it and my readers miss out. I know some things that I can do to try to get more readers to subscribe to my mailing list but I just don’t have the time to get to it right now. This is why I am not so bordered about the slow traffic. I still have a lot of things to do before they come.

Clear Goal Statement – Since I have declared my goal from the beginning and I have a time limit of 24months, I am able to motivate myself to keep going at least until the end of the 24th month.

Some Success – My blog is not totally unique if you are thinking of blogs that help people make money through blogging. However, I hope to show to people that, this path can be really slow and discouraging at the beginning. Usually it is very difficult to start – to register a domain and start your blog, but it is even much more difficult to continue to blog with a result of little or no income. Many of the blogs I have read were started after the blogger has gained some experience and made lots of money ($1000+). Although I did not start from zero myself, I am kind of starting form a low point of less than $200/month income. The fact that this money comes in is a great motivator because I figure that if I can make $100 without much effort to sustain it, I can learn to make $3000/month with some more consistent effort.

Some tips for Beginners

  • Start your blog today
  • Do something everyday no matter how little
  • Don’t give up – pace yourself right. Its better to write once a week than to write everyday for 2 weeks and burn out.
  • Keep learning – if you don’t stop you will have a breakthrough.

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