It is not easy to make a living online but it is possible

by Ade on June 1, 2017

Well if you read through my posts, you will notice that I did not post anything on this blog in the past 4 years!! Wow, four years in a very long time online. I never completed my challenge but I am able to announce to you that it is not an easy feat to make a living online.

Having said that, I want you to know that if you are ready to work, it is possible to make a living online. Making a living online for the purpose of my exploration means $3000 monthly and above online.

As at the time of this writing, I have continued to make money on my websites through Adsense. I have been busy with my work as a Pastor. My online stream of income has been quite useful to our family.

I will no longer update this site with my income reports, but I will try to discover someone who is making money online every month and feature them here. That’s how I intend on keeping this site for now. If I discover any cool tools, I may share them here too. So that I can direct my friends and family to this site when they ask for my help.

Last Financial Report – 2016

  • All previous websites (Google AdSense) – $6,634.90 (a little less than it was 2012 – it’s been in this range since then.)
  • Sales of Ebooks connected to previous niche – $504.40 (this has gone up a bit too)
  • L Niche Website (Google AdSense) –$1,357.23 (this has grown a bit.)
  • EPI (This Site)   – $0
  • Love and Relationship -$0
  • African Reflection -$0
  • Infobarell -$0
  • TOTAL INCOME 2016$8,496.53

Although this is not enough income to live on, it is not bad to have an extra $8,496 in your account. Yes about 20% of this amount will go towards expenses. Even an extra $5k is not bad to have. I could have done more. I know it but I did not take the time. I’m happy with the results I have as a pastor and I hope I can still make more money online, with just a few hours daily.

Once again, I believe you can make a living online, but you may need to put in more than 2hrs a day for the first couple of months.


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