Passive Income Project – How is it going?

by Ade on May 13, 2013

2013 Report – This year has been busy for me as I continue to invest more time into ministry. However my online income has stayed relatively steady. My attempt at generating other streams of income has not been as fruitful as expected. I continue to hope that things will pick up as I complete one year of this 24 month project.

I have not written any reports because, I felt that the time that it takes to write the reports could be better invested into working on building the income rather than reporting on what is not working. I have spent some time working on Squidoo and all I can report is $0.30 income up till date. There has been many changes on Squidoo and a few of my rather thin (less than 400 words) lenses have been locked. I am not really worried because the texts are original. I would simply work on adding a few text modules and hopefully they will get republished.

No More Excuses – Although I ventured into writing on Squidoo, I must mention that I have not put in up to 2hrs daily as planned. I hope to return to this schedule from today and I hope to have something to report soon.

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