Why this blog?

Ade Sobanjo

My Name is Ade Sobanjo. I have been playing with websites since 2001. I had not really tried to make a living online before June 2012.I was a web designer for a few years before I closed my business and just maintained my blog which I really did not focus on. While working as a web designer I had a few information website which I tried to monetize with Google AdSense. The income from these sites were so small that I was not encouraged in any way to improve the websites but the fact that I had some income made me to keep these sites. To cut a long story short, after about 5 years (with a few additions from time to time – more like once a year)  I discovered that the income has become substantial. Here is a brief history of my Google AdSense Income!

  • May 2006 – $34.91
  • Jul 2006 –  $14.56
  • Oct 2006 – $5.65
  • Nov 2006- $7.19
  • May 2007 -$0.47
  • May 2008- $16.48
  • Oct 2008 – $10.92
  • Jan  2009 – $17.40
  • May 2009 – $16.13
  • Sept 2009 – $20.08
  • Dec 2009 – $38.53
  • Jan 2010 – $43.66
  • Apr 2010 – $87.73
  • Jul 2010 – $91.08
  • Sept 2010 – $105.17
  • Dec 2010 – $116.42
  • Jan 2011 – $253.75
  • Apr 2011 – $201.94
  • Jul 2011 – $345.13
  • Sep 2011 – $326.76
  • Dec 2011 – $230.79
  • Jan 2012 – $309.87
  • Apr 2012 – $553.70

From the snapshot above you will notice that there were months in 2007 when I did not even make up to $1 for the entire month. I think this was a time when one of my web hosting account had expired and I was not even aware of it until after a few months. You will also notice that my income has been increasing for a while now. I believe that this increase was due to some algorithm change with Google as well as the addition of some new websites and web pages over the years. I start this Website – Exploring Passive income in June 2012 as a project to investigate the possibility of making a living online without having to spend 8 hours a day to maintain the income. Initially I wanted to track only one of my previous website and some new websites that I was plan to launch. However after 4 months, I have come to realize that in order to give my readers a clearer picture I have to disclose all my income. I hope that as you read my blog posts you will be encouraged to start your own challenge. Please find my previous introduction below.

Original Introduction to the website – June 2012

So why am I doing this? There are a few reasons I can come up with but the top one is that I want to really see if an average person can actually make a decent amount of money online. I am currently making some money online. I have been in the website business since about 2003 but I have never really made any substantial amount of money from my websites.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been reading the blogs of young people who are making money to the tune of 5 figures per month and that just bothers me. First if I had just been diligently working on my online business one hour daily all these years, only God knows how much I could be making now.

What really bothers me the most is that I could be doing so much more of what I love doing – sharing the love of God, if only I had my living expenses covered. I know how many things that I have had to let go because I did not have enough funds at the moment. Having said all this, I am sure that, if this really works, then I can still do so much. My first thoughts as I read these blogs is that I really don’t need to make more than $100 a day. Oh I remember writing this amount on my monitor about 6 year ago but I did not pursue it to the point of making that amount. I have decided this time around to give myself 24 months to start making at least $100 a day or at least I will be able to say that this making money online thing is just for some special Internet crazy guys who stumble on some fortune.

I know that this not actually the case because I currently make over $5 15/day from my websites which I simply put Goggle adsense ad  on and abandon. My goal therefore is to

  • get back to improving my old websites and see if I can make more money from them
  • Build new niche website/blogs following these guru’s instructions step by step
  • Spend at least one hour daily on this and not more than 2 hours so that I can be sure that it can be done by the average person ( I suspect that I will spend more than 2 hours at the beginning to gain good momentum)
  • This is my summer project I hope to put in a lot of hours in the next 3 months so that come fall when Life gets busy again I can simply give just one hour daily and still get good work done.
  • I will be as open and detailed with all that I learn on my path to making a living online (I already make money online, what I am not making is a living).
  • If someone will read this blog they should be able to make an additional $500 every month just by following my examples.
  • I will not try to re-invent the wheel. All I will do is follow the examples of these young guys/girls making money online and see what the results will be.
  • I hope to make money on this blog too using affiliate links. I will make sure I buy any product I will use from one of these gurus, its my way of thanking them for inspiring me to make money online.
  • I am doing this with my wife – 2 heads are surely better than one. We are already enjoying a sweeter relationship working together on such a fun project.
  • I will give a monthly report about our progress and daily reports on what we are doing or are learning.
  • I hope to have fun doing this.